Tuesday 16th June 2015

SEMINAR IN POOLE : Photo-Reporting

Tuesday 16th June 2015

SEMINAR IN POOLE : Presentation Supports


Here you can download the Presentation Support Documents used by our speakers in Poole.

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Tuesday 16th June 2015

See the Bigger Picture

ACDC 2015 seminar

The seminar explored the impact of artistic engagement in reducing social isolation in care environments, and provide speakers who will focus on embedding creative activity within care organizations.

Local and international artists shared techniques of how artists, managers and their activity provision can work together to ensure creative interaction has a lasting and sustainable impact.

The seminar was open to everyone from the 2 seas area, including those from residential & nursing homes, domiciliary and learning disabilities services and we encourage managers, activity coordinators and support workers to attend. We would also like to welcome artists, people from creative networks, and commissioning services to come along too.

There were interactive workshops given hands-on demonstrations as part of the seminar, and an exhibition area that we hope inspired you too!

ACDC resource pack

December of 2014

Brainstorming & Pilot training sessions

We started the 2nd phase with a brainstorm session and have done two pilot session this autumn and winter.

One artist wrote a letter to her colleague to share her thoughts about the session in sTimul.

Dear Isabella, 

I have recently returned from an Immersive training experience in Holland. Nine artists spent the day in a simulated care home. I took on the role of an 84 year old blind woman.
The experience for me was a revolutionary  one, deep and inspiring.
I think you should do this training too, for these reasons,  firstly it has helped me to individuate my audience much more than before, sometimes when I am storytelling  I can address the listeners as a whole  and even though I try to connect with everyone individually I have never been able to do it with the integrity  and compassion that this experience has helped me to do. I felt vulnerable and afraid and I was too scared to allow my needs to be seen in case the carers found me bothersome and rejected me. This experience has helped me tune into subtle clues that the audience bring about how they are feeling and what they need from me as a storyteller.
Before I had this experience I was more preoccupied with myself, how the story was going, did the audience like it, were they enjoying themselves etc etc..
I was blind Isabella, and had been sat down, shut down and put down for hours before the storyteller came into the room and his presence  was a life line to me, it just mattered that he was there was there for me, he was listening to me and talking to me as  if I mattered. Our art is so important Isabella, it is the difference between a light in someone eyes sparkling  or going out and one day those eyes will be our eyes, the same eyes that look upon the world today, the same mind that knows what it wants and heart that feels but those looking back at us won’t know us Isabella, they will  just see old, frail, dying and will try to keep us safe and alive and comfortable until our spirit is suffocated with wipe clean chairs and medicate us if we become too unwieldy.
It does not need to be like this Isabella and I believe it is our calling as artists to keep the light in the eyes of our elders alive.

I also had the most incredible outpouring of creativity after the training, idea after idea flowed and they were directly connected to my heart not my ego.

It is easy for me to say all this Isabella, because I have this experience  deep in body and bones and I would love for you to have it  too because I know it would enrich your life and your art would be transforming the community in the deepest way possible.

 — Love, Sarah



September 23rd of 2014

CONFERENCE IN GHENT : Presentation Supports


We uploaded and translated in English the Presentation Support Documents from the various speakers of the conference. You will (re)discover here step by step the speeches of the September conference in Ghent.

Download the PDFs

September 23rd of 2014

Conference in Ghent : photo-reporting

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